Practice Areas


Sexual Abuse & Sexual Assault

We can help you regain your power by fighting for your right to compensation for the harms and trauma you suffered due to sexual violence perpetrated against you.

Civil Cases for Crime Victims

If you are the victim of a crime you have a right to file a lawsuit to recover financial compensation for the harms that you have suffered.

Civil Rights & Human Rights

Having your rights violated can be life-altering. We create a supportive environment where we work with you to create a strategy unique to your circumstances.

Entertainment & Media

From influencers to performers and producers, we can help you navigate the complexities of federal regulation and contract negotiations with the West Coast.

Intellectual Property

Registering intellectual property can be a difficult process without the assistance of an attorney. We can help you understand what type of intellectual property you have and how to protect it.

Small Business Consulting

Creating a new business can be exciting and daunting. We offer free consultations to small business owners to help you decide whether you need an attorney’s assistance before you spend money.

We Advocate For You

We come to your aid when you need help standing up for yourself against those who have committed a crime against you. We carefully assess your situation, listen to your needs and goals, and protect your interests and rights throughout the litigation process.

We Empower You

Survivors of sexual violence often feel disempowered and voiceless after the traumatic incident. We firmly believe that you have a right to have an attorney that treats you with dignity and respect. A part of our mission is to ensure that our clients know that they have a voice.

We Fight For You

When we take on you on as a client, you become an essential part of our legal team. Together, we fight for the justice you deserve. To us, every case is personal, and every client benefits from the full measure of our experience and resources.
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