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New York Expands Anti-SLAPP

The new New York Anti-SLAPP law affords greater protections to sexual violence survivors and reporters”. In recent, we have seen an increase in defendants in sexual violence cases bringing strategic lawsuits against public participation or “SLAPP” lawsuits which are intended to harass, intimidate,…

A Big Win for Survivors

Protecting the rights of survivors in New York. Defendants in sexual violence cases cannot hide behind anonymity. Read More

ALBANY NY NEWS10 Child Victims Act reaches six-month benchmark

“It takes time,” attorney Kat Thomas said. “It takes a person time to get the courage to seek the healing and recovery they deserve after years and sometimes decades of silence and shame. This is not enough process to come forward and step…

Abuse victims look-back period should be extended

Kat Thomas, a Manhattan lawyer who represents clients with lawsuits brought under the existing look-back period, said extending the time to commence such litigation will give people in their situation the opportunity to have their day in court. Under the circumstances, we think they…

Lawmakers urge longer period for sex abuse victims to bring claims

Endorsing the push for an extension, Kat Thomas, a Manhattan lawyer who represents clients with lawsuits brought under the existing look-back period, said stretching the time to commence such litigation will give more people their day in court. “It takes a person time…

Child Victims Actions May Be Filed Before Window Closes, Despite New Lawsuit Ban, Court Official Says

But there’s no guarantee the tolling order will apply to CVA lawsuits, said Kat Thomas, an attorney for victims of sexual violence. She expects defendants to push back on the executive order and says there’s been a focus on procedural legal strategies from…

We Advocate For You

We come to your aid when you need help standing up for yourself against those who have committed a crime against you. We carefully assess your situation, listen to your needs and goals, and protect your interests and rights throughout the litigation process.

We Empower You

Survivors of sexual violence often feel disempowered and voiceless after the traumatic incident. We firmly believe that you have a right to have an attorney that treats you with dignity and respect. A part of our mission is to ensure that our clients know that they have a voice.

We Fight For You

When we take on you on as a client, you become an essential part of our legal team. Together, we fight for the justice you deserve. To us, every case is personal, and every client benefits from the full measure of our experience and resources.